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    • CAPD2: Ghost Legacy (hd actor + upgrade for capd2)
      By MrMoon · Posted
      Hey thumper thanks dude, you know you can quickly remove them sunglasses by opening the atr files as txt documents and remove the attachments by deleting a few lines and save as a new atr The attachments section looks like this <HeadAttachmentNormalLOD>Mexico-Helm.qob</HeadAttachmentNormalLOD>
          <LowSpineAttachmentJungleLOD>1stcavspecialistbelt.qob</LowSpineAttachmentJungleLOD>   Just delete the ones associated with heads and you're good Nice work with the lighting wombat.
    • CAPD2: Ghost Legacy (hd actor + upgrade for capd2)
      By wombat50 · Posted
      I get along OK except for one room, the main  plaza, that crashes every time I turn on dark maps in the lighting tool. So no go for me. I would still apply the gr_lights_exe to this map as shown in the previous post. The actors would blend in rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. I'd give my eye teeth for the unlit versions of the RSE maps.
    • What Ubisoft Is NOT Talking About...
      By 101459 · Posted
      You might be right, though my assumption is as I've said is that it's more like GTA or Just Cause then anything related to realism no less tactical realism -- which clearly Ubisoft hasn't been making for over a decade.  My issue isn't lack-luster game design, it's: broken, flawed infrastructure and ghetto middle-ware; they can obviously build compelling game designs, but there's absolutely no excuse for the kind of network code and MMS these games are strapped to; the issues are well known, documented, and described in the industry journals and developer forums. If Wildlands offers enough in the way of compelling game mechanics I'll probably buy it,  the costs of games is trivial to me; which unfortunately is not the case for far too many people who are mislead and for whom a game purchase is a substantial amount of money. This is why we see so much albeit ridiculous, understandable ire when Ubisoft drops another golden poo.  Again, the networking in Ubisoft games is terrible, as the OT makes clear 'Ubisoft isn't talking about that at this time', or any other for that matter -- which continues to be an egregious disconnect with the reality of mp gaming on Ubisofts horrible networking/MMS lash-up. These are facts that some can tolerate, but is so bad many can't even play the games even a year or years after release and useless patches -- this is patently unacceptable and just ridiculous, especially for what are essentially MP only games, after nearly two decades of mature robust mp netcode delivers performance so far surpassing what games like Siege, GURFUS, or the last two R6 games it's beyond the pale... The media? I guess, or what ever... I just feel mislead and again disappointed by all Ubisoft's early hype about this game as to how they were going to be so transparent with their marketing, customers, solve real problems, respond to customer questions.  All I see is what came before; where the questions are easy or along the lines of what Ubisoft wants for marketing purposes they'll answer, but anything outside the comfort zone like real world networking it's still off limits, not 'being discussed', or gets six frowny faces from Ubisoft... C'mon this is 2016, indie Developers with nothing budgets get this much right and their network code as well...
    • What Ubisoft Is NOT Talking About...
      By Rocky · Posted
      I don't think you're going to enjoy Wildlands, it doesn't sit in that niche IMHO. Still, there's a few months to release so we'll need to wait and see the media that gets released over the coming months.
    • What Ubisoft Is NOT Talking About...
      By 101459 · Posted
      I couldn't say, but here in North America most pings are three digits or the high 90's and MMS wait time is asinine. Play share for console might be up, but considering the join time for games in North America has done nothing but increase I seriously doubt the PC play share is anything but drastically down. Anyone can give them-self, and even buy a nomination for GOTY award... I haven't given up on anything -- I've bought every realism game this crummy company has published. I'd love for Wildlands to be a great game too, but so far it looks more like Just Cause or GTA with a better paint job, then tactical realism to me; sadly a lot of tactical realism fans that have given up on Ubisoft seem to be think this about what they see as well -- I honestly hope we're all wrong. Any? More like many, all posted about here and applauded on these very forums by me countless times. Consider: who you reward and who you punish by going soft on the criticism of flawed games (or any product for that matter), and marginalizing public enthusiasm for great games and products... For the record, games I've not only applauded but lauded on these forums and many others include (but certainly aren't limited to): Ghost Recon, The Sum Of All Fears, R6 Raven Shield, GRAW, all the ArmA games, Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising, the SWAT games, the Red Orchestra games and mods, Uprising '44, Death To Spies, Full Spectrum Warrior, the America's Army Games, Insurgency, Day Of Infamy, Squad, Project Reality -- just to name a few... It warrants mention I play many of these decade + old games and NONE have the networking issues of Ubisoft's games, with every one of these games to this day both I and gaming acquaintances are able to join/start games in a fraction of the time it takes to join a game like R6 Siege or GURFUS and we all have pings that are less then 1/5th what we see in Ubisoft's most recent games. Well there was a lot of technical discussions and complaints on the Ubisoft forums about Siege, the networking middle-ware it employs, and why it doesn't work. As well several excellent threads about the technical limitations of match making systems -- all of them I followed and even posted corroboration to were not 'negative' in any sense other then describing and discussing the games issues -- and were deleted in entire. Perhaps someone did start trolling them, but with all the excellent technical posts from Developers that had worked with the same middle-ware that Siege is strapped to, it's asinine that Ubisoft would delete such a constructive thread because of a few crummy posts. I do agree that Siege offers an excellent well realized game design but is unfortunately marred by technical issues. I felt the same way about GURFUS, even though it wasn't really tactical realism in anything but the paint job, it was a very cool game design, again, strapped to horrible net-code, and an abortion of a match making system. I agree and agree... As Ubisoft seems bent on re-purposing the worst networking code and horrible networking middle-ware we can only hope that it being a coop game will be more forgiving of these limitations. I wouldn't bet on it though if history offers a lesson here, there hasn't been an exception yet...
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