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Back to Kosovo

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Back to Kosovo Mod by Lisac2k@mail.ru

Author's Website

Download File size: 35.8 mb


Required: Ghost Recon Version 1.3 @ least. Island Thunder Recommended

Reviewed by SOTOMac

Introduction :

This is a conversion Mod that will offer the User a Mission, Character, Weapon Mod in a truly European Flavour. You will need at least "GR" version 1.4 to play this Mod.

This Mod ( I BELIEVE ) centers around the You and Your Team of Serbian Special Forces and their efforts to recapture lands taken and still held by Paramilitary Ultranationalist Forces bent on Destruction.

You can consider It as You'll be going up against some very Bad Dudes - Period. That said, Be prepared for a Tuff Fight...

Missions ( 8 out of 10 ) :

The Missions are very well done and a very definite challenge to any who will be attempting them. I was unable on any First try ( or even the Second for that matter ) to complete any of the Missions contained and Included with this Mod. I would say that there are some Missions in this Mod that cannot be done successfully unless You have some Backup / And that the Backup You have is Human in nature ;) .

For example,

On Mission # 2 ( Bear's Lair ) Your Squad's Objectives will be Listed as ;

1. Investigate Nearby Cave Complex.

2. Eliminate Enemy Camp Forces.

3. Secure the Area southward.

X. Protect the Prototype M-92 Vihor Tank.


On this Particular Mission - I eliminated all Hostile Targets in the Area Southward and then I went to Eliminate the Enemy Tent Camp and all Forces there. As I went to move to the Enemy Camp the Vihor Tank came in to the Area South and began a Patrol Path. I stayed at the Tank for a while protecting It but when No enmy came In I was prompted to move to the Next Objective and so I moved to the Camp.

As I'd Eliminated the last resistance in the Enemy Camp - I heard Incoming Fire being Directed at the Prototype Vihor M-92 Tank I was supposed to Protect. The Tank was finally destroyed by an Anti-Tank round and I had to clear the South Area again of any remaining Hostile Targets.

That said - I finally Completed this Mission but I must Admit I was never able to safeguard the Tank once It came In. I was only able to do that once I had a Team Mate guard the Tank as I went to Eliminate the Enemy Camp and the Forces stationed there.

I have used this Mission to show You - The reader of this Review and Potential User of this Mod - That these Missions can be very Difficult and are not to be treated Lightly at any Difficulty Level. It is for this Reason that I would advise the Rookie or Veteran Players to go in on these Missions with a Team of Humans supporting You. Take My word on It - You'll be less frustrated.

All of the Mission Objectives are well detailed and provide the necessary INTEL to complete the Missions as they were designed. These Mission Briefings also have a Top-Down World Map view of the Area that You'll conduct OPs in. While this is a small addition to any Campaign Oriented Mod - Its one that is IMO a necessary one for a SPECOPS Team ( Such as You and Your Team in "GR" ) to consider themselves as having accurate INTEL.

There are a total of 8 Missions in this Mod and they are designated as follows ;

1. Retreating.

2. Bear's Lair.

3. Belgrade Connection.

4. In the Hills.

5. Base-2

6. Smugglers.

7. The Strongpoint.

8. Airport.

The Characters ( 9 out of 10 ) :

the Characters ( .chrs ) that are portrayed in this Mod range all the Way from Serbian Special Forces to the Paramilitary and Ultranationalist Albanian / Kosovar Special Forces Uniforms and Camo You and Your Team are going up against.


All of the Uniforms and Camo appear to be very well done but as I don't have a lot of Post Cold War knowledge of Ex-Soviet Bloc Uniforms and current Camos in use by those Countries, all I can say is that they appear to be rather well done and very flush with these Times and their Surroundings.

The Weapons ( 9 out 10 ) :

There are a variety of European weapons in this Mod available to You and Your Team. They are as follows ;

1. The M-70AB2 & the M-70ABL ( "L" is meant to Designate "Scoped" ).

2. The CZ99SD.

3. The M-80A & the M-80AL.

4. The M-84PKT & the M-84PKTL.

5. The M-76.

6. The M-85 & the M-85L.

7. The M-79RBR ( RBR = an Anti-Armor Weapon ).

While all of the Weapons listed above are very well done in the Mod - Again I have no R.W. experience with any of the Models listed ( Aside from maybe being Shot at by a couple of them - ;) ) and so all I can say about them is this...

- They Perform very well.

- They Kill the Enemy.

- They get the Job done whatever the Task.


Known Issues :

1st Problem : After activating the BTK Mod, Your Text is garbled. ( Only Serbian 1.00 version).

The Solution : Restart the game.

2nd Problem : After killing some enemy (or enemies), strange sound appears ( it sounds like voice of a seal

The Solution : This happens on some computers, probably due to combination of VIA chipsets and on-board (integrated) sound chips (devices). There is only one solution for this at the moment - shoot someone, it'll stop.

3rd Problem : During Gameplay ( such as hitting a Tank with a Rocket Launcher ) the Game slows down a bit ( It gets choppy ).

The Solution : This is not a bug. No matter what hardware you have - In heavy action moments the Game Engine will be loading certain parts of animations from Your local hard drive to memory. This is where the slowdown usually occurs and it happens with most Missions unless You're running High-end Hardware. Move Your Graphics settings down and find a good level to have them at for You and Your System.


Conclusion ( 26 out of 30 = 87% ) :

This is all-in-all a very well done Mod. As long as all North American Users Download and Install the English Patch after the Mod is Installed - They'll be good to go and can expect Hours of Enjoyment out of this Mod and It's Campaign... [Edit : The Download file above is now packaged with the English Patch]

While the Author of the Mod says that It can easily be done by switching between AI Teams to Protect the Prototype Tank - This reviewer was not able to accomplish that within the time of this writing. Therefore - A suggestion that this Reviewer WILL make is that All Rookie and Veteran Users can take a Team of Humans as Backup, and do this Campaign - C0-0P - On the Internet...

This Reviewer therfore gives the "Back to Kosovo" Mod a very respectable Rating of 87% approval and definately recommends this Mod for Download to those that have read this Review and find the Mod Interesting, and their kind of Challenge...

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Edited by GiWeDa

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Hi SOTOMac! :thumbsup:

TY - The Edits You mentioned are in the above Post now. Sorry for Posting Incorrectly regarding the Mod's Direction. I've also obviously cleaned up this Post to clear the thread again for a Good Read on the 1 - Now correct Post.



Edited by SOTOMac

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I'm glad if my post helped a little bit.

Also I don't mind that You cleaned my previous post.

As I said You made good job with this review and I'm

looking forward for more to come.


:ph34r: Patriot :o=

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[VVCCGC]mR. bILL wrote:

"Thanks for the review. Thanks to everyone for the Mod and the work that has gone into this."

Amen! :D:thumbsup:

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Yeah i enjoyed it. Had some cool missions :rocky:

Good job :thumbsup:

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I found that this mod was one of my favorite ones. I was able to complete all the mission objectives on all missions, except one. This was #3 Belgrade connection (I think). It is the one, where you have to rescue hostages in the Hotel, and the Bank. I was only able to rescue one set.... never both. I found that there is a time trigger, that goes off once you get near one of the buildings you only have a certain amount of time to get them rescued and then, get over and rescue the next set of hostages. I played that mission over and over, but never got it. :wall: At least it was an "X" objective. I realized that I had better move on to the next mission before I got "burned out" on the MOD. I really liked it though. I played this as a single player set to medium. I am not a sadisit ya know. ;)


Edited by JimM

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