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moon.rsb & d01_beach_sky_moon.rsb

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I first noticed this on D01 Beach map way back when but other maps as well in Frostbite and Centcom maps.
The sky box associated with d01_beach_sky_moon.rsb is oddly d01_beach_sky.
You look at the moon and it appears to be drawn on a black piece of poster board and tacked on the wall. Sticks out like a sore thumb.

I have fixed it, sort of. I tried alpha channels and kept getting a ghosting artifact. Usual settings for alpha blend or alpha test did not work.
So I took the color of the sky and filled in around the moon replacing the black. (16 12 16 RGB) Decent result and the one I ended up using.

Tried taking the clone stamp tool and drawing from the skybox again replacing the black around the moon.
It looked great in PhotoShop had a few stars in it, but had artifacts in game.
So I settled on the second method.
moon screenie.jpg

It is found in Origmiss/ Textures as moon.rsb and  in MP1/Textures and MP2/Textures as d01_beach_sky_moon.rsb

RSE took pains to blend in a similar moon in the C05 skybox .

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Nice. In HU that skybox has been fixed for some time. Will check your solution to compare.

There’s loads of skyboxes around with similar problems. I tried fixing them all for HU, though some may still require work.

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