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a belated thanks to Variable13 et al

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It never too later for praise where praise is really due. I don't know if Variable13 or the crew who helped him put The Great Patriotic War together are still around here, but to all you good folk, my thanks to you all for your fine efforts where ever you are.

TGPW is a terrific GR mod. I read all the superlative words from past Ghosts who began playing it nearly twenty years ago when it was first released and I now share that enthusiasm they expressed, which was the reason I loaded it up on the weekend. A very challenging version of the original game. Love the limits of the WWII weapons, the sense of battle, the maps, great stuff. After being spoilt with all the modern weaponry and the powerful sniper rifles of the modern scenarios, I am thoroughly enjoying the greater challenge and despite getting my tactical ###### handed to me, for my modern carelessness, lol...Great game, great mod. Worth getting if you can. 

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