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Brian Upton - Father of Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon

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Those vids definitely peaked my interest in him. Searched "Ghost Recon Brian Upton" and found among other things this interview of him from 2001.
It would not surprise me if you have read it already Apex.
One thing that was interesting was this quote about the game Rogue Spear(1999),"The original plot line for Rogue Spear was about Osama bin Laden and we wound up changing it then because we thought it was too close to reality. "

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It’s been a long time, so I’m not sure I’d read it before. In any case, I thank you very much for the link, Wombat.

I ended up (re-?)reading all of their Ghost Recon dev team interviews. Quite insightful, and a nice flashback to better times.

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