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You might have heard this before, but Breakpoint was released far too early.!!

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Have you seen the random 2 people fixing a drone/motorcycle? I came across one of them, and one of them is worried about the broken bike, and the other one says, "It's fine, with the riots going on they'll never notice" or something along those lines. But imagine if there were riots. This game is lifeless at the moment, I don't know if I've been traveling to the wrong places, but it always seems like that there's not a proper town without it being filled with soldiers, and you can't and really don't care about the people because they're whining their ass off, or they all look the same and are doing the same thing. In Wildlands people would be talking, doing their jobs, and partying, instead of staring at you like you're naked. Of course there is the bad gunsmith, the boring story, and more I doubt that Ubi will fix. 


my issue has been solved!!


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