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Breakpoint Trial left me even more undecided.

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Today I completed Wildlands for the first time, I unexpectedly loved Wildlands much more than I expected, I didn't get it for th showbox e story but I actually became invested in it.

So after debating wether to get Breakpoint or not (I know about its bad reputation) I played the trial, on Immersive mode, and am even more undecided.

There are moments of amazing stealth gameplay, great new mechanics like the prone camo and health recovery. I also really like (most of) the new animations, and camera angles. It felt so good to play. But the story... and the menus... and the drones. Ugh. The UI a usps tracking nd game is so unnecessarily co   speed testmplicated, as Ubisoft seems to be a fan of messy menu design and RPG elements in every genre, which I really don't enjoy. The plot so far, imo, is awful compared to Wildlands, the grit is gone.

How many drones are there, which are mandatory? Is there tons of them? I think that might be my reason to buy or not buy. (my main issue is drones that can attack you.

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