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AMD GPU won't let GR start in Win 10

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Had some bad luck when lightning fried my computer.
Bought a pre built with an AMD RX 590 in it. Plays Wildlands fine but Steam GR version will not launch and I get this error:
Procedure entry point MiniDumpWriteDump could not be located in the dynamic link library

The ike.log says: Could not initialize renderer(Assuming this means the video card)

My old computer with a Nvidia card ran GR fine. So wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem with an AMD card.
Might find an old version of
atiumdag.dll which seems to be the culprit although setting permissions to overwrite anything in the Windows folder is problematic.
My other alternative is to hope the Nvidia card from the old computer is not fried and try it.

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First off, Windows 10 with a Radeon 590 should launch Steam GR still. I've got a similar setup, and it has worked in the past, but not currently. I suspect it's a driver issue. Perhaps you should try to roll back driver builds before you try switching cards.

Good luck.


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Rolling back drivers did the trick. Found an AMD page that had drivers as far back as April 2019 so I tried those and it worked right away.
Allot easier then some things I was thinking of doing.

Thanks Dannik!

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