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The results are in, Breakpoint has bombed.

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On 11/10/2019 at 11:19, Rocky said:

Nice review format on your site.

I'd go further than saying BP is a medley of other shooters, because it involves gameplay elements not often seen in shooters, ie RPG and social hubs.

I'm not in is as far as you, so for me it is still a bit of a confusing interface, and gear score still strikes me as a pointless mechanic other than to restrict players from raids..


On 14/10/2019 at 13:42, Rocky said:

Huh, I never knew this!? The missions UI seem a whole lot more confusing than in Wildlands, not just different, which would be ok, but very different and confusing interface.

I played the game on a friends account. I understand people don't mind the rpg elements, as well as the robots, and social hub... but I mean alot of these things are a bit gamey. The UI and interface are super confusing just like rocky said here and I'm certain I would have to make this my main game to understand it. However after hours of playing it I only confirmed how I felt when i first heard about the game design changes. When I first got into the community back in future soldier I'm certain noone wanted something this far left. The immersion factor of a tactical military shooter is lost behind "division mechanics". I'm sure I'll get a feisty reply, but come on man.. Were any of us asking to raid islands back in future soldier for rare loot?


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Breakpoint has bombed might be harsh.

I don't hate the game overall, it still, kinda, feels like GR, but The Division has crept in and changed the feel. There are two things I'd see fixed / changed ASAP and I could probably get lost on the Archipelago for months. 1. I'm an elite war fighter, but I can't walk down an incline without tripping, falling, sliding?  Yea...No! 2. We're the good guys... but every civilian around is whimpering and crying like we've been the one beating them down... makes me want to shoot them all. ...and maybe a third, headshots, nobody should be screaming when their head turns to jello.  Jussayin. 

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Sorry it’s not harsh. By every metric that matters, including those used by ubi, it bombed. 

It bombed so bad people went back to Wildlands. 

Only by recognising the significant issues with Breakpoint can the series have any chance of moving forward. 

Ubi are trying to rectify the issues with Breakpoint but for me the success of this series will depend on the next game. 

Yep it sounds harsh, but it is what it is. 

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cue the "rise and fall" of ghost recon franchise videos... :whistle:

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