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An El Tio Guide That Doesn't Suck

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Whenever I Google 'El Tio Challenge GRW' I always end up with the same 'Guide' by some Trolling bumhole name 'Rocky.'
The Locations are off and the guide is vague AF. 
So instead of me always having to figure it out myself and wanting to CQC Rocky in real life... I decided to make a Simple and EASY Guide to the El Tio Challenge.

First you need to find the 3 Graves. Use a small Heli to save you lots of time. You find these grave is the Ancient Cemetery of Miners (Image 1) Once you have found them, 'Read' Newspaper on Graves by interacting with them (press 'E'). They are the Graves with Lit Candles (Image 3) burning on them and vultures flying above them. Thermal Vision Can assist with this. Here are the locations:
        -19.6640 / 64.0318 (Image 2)
        -19.6248 / 64.1314 (Image 4)
        -19.7358 / 64.1272 (Image 5)

11. Ancient Cemetary of Miners - Map.jpg

22. Grave 1 - Map.jpg

33. Grave 1 - Close Up.jpg

44. Grave 2 - Map.jpg

55. Grave 3 - Map.jpg

Secondly you will need to locate the 3 El Tio Statues In caves. There are 2 entrances to each cave marked with a black or a white cross on top. I have given you the exact locations of the easiest entrance into the cave. Once in the cave you will hear some creeping sound effects. Follow the rebel bodies and they will lead you to the statue, or just follow my direction below. Around the statues are a few guards with their faces painted red. Once you kill them take a close look at the statues, you have in fact completed this part of the challenge (Image 8, 9, 12 & 15). There is no in-game cue to let you know. Here are the locations:

        Old Silver Mine        -19.7358 / 64.1272 (Image 6)
            Entrance                -19.4524 / 63.8960 (Image 7)

            Just Go in, only one path through this cave.

66. Old Silver Mine - Map.jpg

77. Old Silver Mine Entrance - Map.jpg

88. Guard Face Paint.jpg

99. Old Silver Mine Statue.jpg

        Outpost                     -19.7184 / 63.7073 (Image 10)
            Entrance                -19.7671 / 63.6611 (Image 11)

            Blow up the barrel and the entrance will be accessible. When you reach the room with the generator, follow through the tunnel beside generator (it is the only path available). Then take your First Right beside the Turret. Then your Second  Right, there will be a dead rebel on the ground showing you the way.

1010. Outpost - Map.jpg

1111. Outpost Entrance - Map.jpg

1212. Outpost Statue.jpg

        Pilca Mine                 -19.0000 / 62.7447 (Image 13)
            Entrance                -19.1458 / 62.6684 (Image 14)

            Take the First Right.

1313. Pilca Mine - Map.jpg

1414. Pilca Mine Entrance Map.jpg

1515. Pilca Mine Statue.jpg

Lastly you need to kill the El Tio Cult Leader. Often in specific ways for challenge. 
He is found at the 'Pucara' Inca Fortress Ruins. He is the one wearing the El Tio Mask (Image 16).
It's just east of the Pilca Mine and is literally just labelled 'Pucara.'
        -19.0575 / 62.5361

1616. El Tio Cult Leader.jpg

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Very nice


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Oh... hi Rocky... this is awkward...

How about that sky today? Talk about blue.

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Cracking day, cracking day for another guide - got any more? 👍

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