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Leveling UP your weapons in Tier One Mode seems daunting. Hundreds of thousands of resources to get 1 weapon to level 30. However, if you do it right, you can level up a weapon from level 0 to level 30 in only a couple hours. Even less once you get the strategy down. With the right crew, I have been able to do this in less than 1 hour.

Here's the deal... Split up. 4 Convoys for the time of 1. BAM. We big balin' now!


"That seems like a good idea in theory. The problem Swifty, is when someone else tags their convoy I don't get any resources. Makes me feel rejected, just like high school gym class. Am I doing something wrong?"

"There there friend. You're not being rejected, you're a wonderful person. Nubisoft is trying to get you to actually buy resources from them, because they are greedy bumholes. Let me explain the work around for you, step by step."

1. Take out the convoy escort vehicles, the driver and passenger. DO NOT tag supplies yet.
2. Type 'join' in your chat.
3. Quickly open your map and deselect the convoy you are about to tag. Then reselect it. This will allow your crew to promptly join the mission.
4. Once everyone has joined that mission, you can now tag the supplies. Everyone will get the supplies, wherever they are in Goobersoft's Boliva.
5. Make sure you join other's convoy missions when you see a fresh 'join' message in chat.


"But Swifty, how the f-ck do I steal a convoy all by myself?"

"It's easy little buddy, let me walk you through it."

1. Destroy the escort vehicles.
2. Stop the convoy truck.
3. Shoot Driver in the face.
4. Shoot Passenger in the face.
5. Tag that sh-t.


"OK Swifty, but how the f-ck do I destroy the escorts? Some of them even have a helicopter! I'm only 1 little buddy."

"It's OK friend, we got this! Lemme break it down for you."

Method 1: Super Pro 

1. Find yourself a 'Gatling Chopper'.
2. If there is a Heli guarding the convoy, it goes down first. You can shoot it from a distance, but I prefer the humpback method. I simply land my chopper on top of the enemy chopper. The magic of Ubish-t video game physics allows you to do this without taking damage to your own heli. "King Kong ain't got sh-t on me!"
3. Shoot the escorts from the air*. If you're lucky (or as accurate as a porn star on nitrous) you'll get the driver and the escort will just stop. If not, just shoot it until it blows up.
    *Try not to shoot the Convoy Truck itself. The Heli bullets can sometimes destroy the convoy with only a couple bullets if you hit the back of the convoy vehicle.
4. Shoot the front or Side of the Convoy Truck until it is at 1/3 health. It Will stop. Driver and Passenger will jump out.
5. Shoot the Passenger.

Method 2: Semi Pro

1. Get yourself a small heli.
2. Land on a vantage point with a clear line of sight to the convoys route.
3. Use your DT HTI (or some such) and shoot the escort vehicle that is leading the convoy.
4. Shoot the Heli if there is one.
5. Shoot the rear escort vehicle.
*During this long range attack, you may have to get back to your chopper and fly to a new vantage point. Once the shooting starts, the convoys speeds up and you have to stay within ~1km of it or you will lose the mission.
6. EMP the Convoy.
7. Shoot the driver with a low penetration weapon.
8. Shoot the passenger with a low penetration weapon.

Method 3: The Buddy System

1. Get an 'Military Chopper'.
2. Have a Gunner and a Pilot.
3. The Pilot uses Missiles to destroy Escorts.
4. The Gunner uses Gun to Stop Convoy by shooting it until it is at 1/3 health so it stops.
5. If the rest isn't obvious at this point, uninstall game.


"Wow Swifty, you're some kind of genius! However, sometimes other SB hippies or UD pervs show up and bang me with their big barrels from behind! Any advice?"

"Thanks little buddy! I wouldn't call myself a genius, but I am pretty damn smart. Of course I have some advice for you, listen up, I'm about to change your life!"

1. Pay attention to your surroundings BEFORE you engage the escorts. If those UD pervs even smell your smoking barrel, they gonna get involved. So wait until you are a good distance away from any UD vehicles.
2. Once the escorts are out of the way, you don't have to stop the convoy right away. Look at the map, and make sure there are no enemy installations around. Once you hit dirt, if there is anyone around -SB or UD- they will want to get some. 
3. Land a few hundred meters in front of the convoy, on the Driver side of the truck. This makes shooting the driver easier. EMP it. If you can, shoot the driver first, just beware of the mooching SB hippie in the passenger seat. 


"THANK YOU Swifty, you're the man! How can I show you my gratitude? Are you busy Friday night?"

"You're welcome little buddy, but let's keep this professional. If we ever end up in a game together, just play smart. Keep chill and save the salt for PvP. Good luck Fam! Have fun!"

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LOL, good tips dude, I like your style.

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