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Anyone use a Dell (recent) model with Ubuntu?

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I've been doing a little research on the internet and have realized there's an issue with Ubuntu 18.xxx with drivers for Dell WIFI connections.

I got rid of my older MSI system which, I will never buy one again, too many problems and lackluster support. I have a Dell G3 3779. I'm not a power gamer anymore, I'm in my 50's now.

It's nothing to write home about and it does precisely what I need it to do. https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/dell-laptops/dell-g3-17-gaming/spd/g-series-17-3779-laptop


But does anyone know if Ubuntu resolved the Dell WIFI driver issue?


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Recently purchased a Dell XPS (new model). Still wasn't able to pass the UEFI to install Ubuntu. I will try over the weekend.

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