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C08 Mountain Stronghold re-textured

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C08_Righteous Archer mission is one of the hardest of the RSE missions but I never enjoyed playing the map the way it was setup.

Missions for this map appear as:
-AS SR03-2 The Informant
-C08_Righteous Archer

-Included the tournament mission from Alpha Squad on this map, AS SR03-2 The Informant
-Included edited C08_Righteous Archer mission. Plays the same but environment changes have been made. 
Weather and fog changes on C08_Mountain Stronghold/Righteous Archer
-Fog, spotting distance and far plane like M01 Caves
-Weather is clear on Righteous Archer mission.
-Main ground texture changed.
-Changed the hue on darkmaps and the ground dm.
-Changed the sky box.


Requires GR patched to 1.4
Extract to GR/Mods folder

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I don't know what I have done with it. It was not much.

Turned the rain off; changed the skybox to partly cloudy; I tinted the darkmaps a shade of brown; lightened c08_grounddmc08_mountain_stronghold.rsb; changed the ground textures.
I was weary of how dark and dreary it was.

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