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Anyone know where these .chr files came from?

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So I remember digging through @MrMoon's unfinished CHAOS AD mod. In there I found some interesting files that I didn't pay much attention to at the time. Fast forward to now where I decided to see if they worked. They do.



There's even some blank template texture files included. So with a little photoshop setup, I could start making even more skins. But right now, I'm more interested in how these made it into OGR. Anyone know or got any ideas?

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Almost certain it is a GRAW or GRAW2 model. Someone set a similar model to me several years ago although what you have looks like a better texture job.
ZeeAlex set me the Diaz .chr files and textures from GR2. We use her in our main kit restriction file. 
I'll have to paw through some of MRMoon's stuff!


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The folder was labeled "GRAW" and contained the blank textures and textures for Multicam, ATACS AU, and some woodland pattern.

That Diaz model looks interesting. Are there any other hidden gems floating around somewhere? I wouldn't mind finding something new to play with. The GRAW model is nice but doesn't quite do it for me (no pouches and that thigh thing is really annoying to look at). I may play with it out of boredom at some point.

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