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Windows live mail

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I had to go to a new hard drive. On this I am having trouble with Windows live mail:

- the attached image shows the error at installing.

- I can receive email; but when I try to write a new one or to reply nothing happens. No error - no pop up that disaapears - just nothing.

- I have copied all messages from the folders on the old hard drive to the folders on the new hard drive, but they don't show up when I lauch Windows live mail.

Does anyone have an idea hove to solve this?

And before someone comes with the suggestion - Windows mail is not an option for me. It seems like a rouged webmail client to me. Then I would rather go with Opera mail or Thunderbird.


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Resently I had a try with Evolution, but couldn't get it to work proberly. It would crash whenever I tried to answer a received mail.

Have found Mailbird - it looks rather promissing. We'll see how it turns out.

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Used Windows Live Mail but had troubles getting it to work on a new SSD.
Went with Mozilla Thunderbird and have had good luck with it.
Good luck with Mailbird.

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