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HU Addon: Cloak-and-Dagger

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Did some PvP with CaD v1.4 today. Here's a short clip showing off the sounds. Full video will be uploaded when my internet comes back since I'm not uploading a 6.33 GB video by using my phone as a hotspot.


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On 25/06/2018 at 21:21, WNxVitoto said:

Please Wake Up - Rainbow Six Siege is the evolution.

While Siege is a fun game in its own right. It doesn't even come close to fullfilling the fun and intensity of Tactical Shooters like Classic Ghost Recon. Not every gamer wants to play a competitive PvP game.

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EDIT: Bold and red are new


__New kit restrictions for MP (in order of appearance, doesn't include those already in HU)
CaD COOP Tertia Optio
CaD COOP Tertia Optio Winter

CaD COOP Ghost Recon Legacy
CaD COOP Ghost Recon Multicam
CaD COOP Frostbite
CaD COOP Frostbite SEALs
CaD COOP Serp. Dream Theory
CaD COOP Blood Oil
CaD COOP Mega Pack
CaD PvP Violent Resolution
CaD PvP Arctic Fury
CaD PvP Irregulars: TertiaOpt.

CaD PvP Irregulars: CIA SAD
CaD PvP Irregulars: Ghosts
CaD PvP Irregulars: Ghosts MC
CaD PvP w/VIPs
CaD US Army Ghost Recon
CaD RUS Spetsgruppa Alfa
CaD RUS Spetsgruppa Vympel
CaD US Marine Corps
CaD US Army Delta Force
CaD DE Kommando Spezialkraefte
CaD UK Special Air Service
CaD US Units Team VS
CaD Non-US Units Team VS
CaD Joint Task Force
CaD Private Military Company
CaD Shadow Recon
CaD CIA Ground Branch
CaD Winter Warfare
KISS US Army Ghost Recon
KISS RUS Spetsgruppa Alfa
KISS RUS Spetsgruppa Vympel
KISS US Marine Corps
KISS US Army Delta Force
KISS DE KommandoSpezialkraefte
KISS UK Special Air Service
KISS US Units Team VS
KISS Non-US Units Team VS
KISS Private Military Company
KISS Shadow Recon
KISS CIA Ground Branch
KISS Winter Warfare
KISS Joint Task Force
CaD Sniper Battle
CaD Sniper Battle No VIS


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Got some new menu backgrounds. The drawing in the first one isn't mine, it's by Operator Grim. I just added a couple effects to it. Hopefully we'll see more of his work elsewhere besides the 2 pieces that will be included in the XTRAS folder~

The rest of them are screenshots I took with some form of photo filter added.

The menu backgrounds made by @wombat50 will be included in the extras folder to allow you to view them and also since the style used for the new ones borrows heavily from those, so I want to keep them in some fashion as tribute to his amazing work.



So yeah, what exactly is there to look forward to in version 2, especially since it's not my normal .1 increase?

  • All of my Tertia Optio custom skins and the special skins I added in CENTCOM: Violence of Action are included. They replace all of the existing SP characters (the winter guys now occupy all 12 specialist slots). There are also new kit restrictions to take advantage of these skins.
  • Some bug fixes, including a pretty major one involving command maps showing up as textures in some maps.
  • Menu music changed to be the same as found in CENTCOM: Violence of Action v1.0.6b
  • A few other sound updates
  • Those wonderful Blood Oil maps have been freed from their terrible fate of being "desert" and are now considered jungle maps

Right now, I'd say it's mostly ready to go. I should probably test some things and figure out if there's anything else I want to do it first though.

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Hey awesome mod Jack.

Our team can't get HX Siege to work on any of the Heroes maps. They only work on non-Heroes maps like the 9ms ones you added. Is there any way to fix this on my end? 


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1 hour ago, Jack Wachter said:

I am not aware of a fix for that. I haven't digged into scripting much to know how those work exactly.

It's no problem man. I really appreciate all the work you did here, especially the skins.

I'm trying a workaround by modifying some of integers from the siege.gtf files in HU. Ideally we just want to prevent the defending team from suiciding to victory. I'll let you know if it works :😶 

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Hey all,

I managed to modify the HU siege mode to give the attackers 60 seconds to capture the base after eliminating the defenders. I've made two versions, one is normal 5 second siege and the other is 10 second siege (kinda like the one from way back if you ever played any of SK's packs). All credits goes to Apex since he made the script.

In standard HU if you kill all the defenders after 10 seconds they automatically "win". This means that they could just kill themselves off if their lives were getting low and often the defenders would never lose. The defenders already usually have a pretty large advantage considering that they are holding a fixed position. Obviously the biggest issue still is that when the defenders do lose it sometimes is from they being spawn killed, but again, on a big map the attackers usually have to run all the way to the other side of the map so it evens out. 

With the group I play with we almost always play with two teams on siege and these two modes have made it a lot more fun. 

Jack has given me permission to post the files here for anyone to use:



1. I haven't figured out why HX Siege, or for that matter original siege from DS doesn't work on any of the HU maps. This applies to pretty much any game type not included in HU. I don't have 3dsmax so I can't open the maps themselves. Often the issue spawns from the insertion points. If you just load siege from DS into your missions folder and play, two teams will be put on attack and the smoke won't be attributed to any team. Other modes from GR/DS/IT don't seem to work properly either. No clue how to fix unfortunately. 

2. Because Apex allowed a server to choose "random" as a gametype in team mode, all the individual HU gametype scripts have calls to pull up random (Apex did some crazy crap to make this work btw and it's pretty impressive). Since I used Apex's script to modify to sure it worked on all maps, I have no idea how "random" will work. Since we never choose random it doesn't really matter for us. 


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Kudos for getting it to work.

Maps need specific zones for gtf's to work. AP, base, point, Central area, tr, recon insertion and recon extraction zones. Not all gtf's need all of them but they all need some of them. To check if a map has them, open the map with Igor and check under zones on the right side of Igor. They can be added but it is a chore as there are 60 or 70. I have tried to add them by editing the maps .mis file opened in a text editor and pasting them in after copying from a map that has the zones but it is hit or miss. Every zone has a Zone IgorId and  a ScriptId and there will be a conflict if any of these numbers occur twice in the .mis file. That makes it hard to copy and paste the gtf zones into the file. Even if there are no conflicts Igor needs to be opened and these zones need to be positioned correctly on the map.


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The more I learn about how HU works, the more I realize just how insane (in a good way) Apex is.

I’ll have to try siege with VOA since it should work fine (in theory at least). But seems that the zone thing could’ve implemented on CENTCOM and Blood Oil maps within it, so will have to test things there.

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I think most maps have the gtf zones in their .mis file. I have run across a few that don't. A few maps it is impossible to set waypoints for the AI. Not sure what is up with that but it is only a few.

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