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A new sort of spam ?

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Hi, after i make a short visit to the "Richard's FPS weapon mod " topic , i received a mail , like the one of these received as followed subjects but with a bunch of links to some merchandises stuff (probabely illegals) as you can see on the screen capture ...i see also these links in the download section of GR in the comments of mods but you seems now have cleaned them ...i hope it is not a virus to spread this way ,but my antivirus doen'st react ...thanks for your reaction .

mail forum GR.jpg

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I caught this spammer in the forums yesterday he made at least 20 posts in various forums, I deleted all posts made by him (his name here was adc580888) and banned his ###### from the site, what you had in your inbox was just a notification of a deleted post from a thread you are subscribed to. So no there is no virus here but just a stupid spammer making multiple posts in a very short time.

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Yeah I hate spammers with a passion, normally the site spam filter catches all known spammers but some do get through, this is when I spring into action :devil:

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