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Onward - VR first person shooter

Onwards is a virtual reality first person shooter, it was free this weekend so I gave it a go - was pretty amazing experience.

I played in a team of 6 v 6, loaded up with gear and inserted to a smallish size map with buildings, walls, cars etc and set about taking the other team out. Some really cool features - comms for example. As your teammate moves away from you, his voice becomes more distant until you cannot actually hear him unless you put your right hand up to your left shoulder and key the mic! This is a whole new level of realism compared to the magic-ears type comms you get in a conventional shooter.

Onward is basically the first gen of first person shooters in VR, and it shows heaps of promise. I can imagine the military training opportunities with this, but to play it in your own home was awesome. I even ended up with a fellow scot on my team so that was interesting lol.


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