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New PVP Game Mode Idea

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PvP Game mode Decryption - Attacking team must Infiltrate the enemy outpost Decrypt The Enemy Laptop and Escape with the thumb drive . Decryption takes about 15 seconds to complete. After you retrieve the thumb drive the attacking team must fall back to their operating base which will win them the game. Whoever has the thumb drive Is tagged every 15 seconds on the defending team's HUD. If the defending team cannot defend the Intel they must kill whoever has the thumb drive and corrupt the thumb drive files . If the carrier is killed The attacking team needs to recover the thumb drive from his body and continue to fall back to base. Time Limit 10 Minutes . Each team has a small supply of vehicles to pursue and transverse . These vehicles do not respawn and are finite. The time limit if reached and the attacking team hasn't returned to their fob or the defending team hasn't corrupted the files will result in a Stale Mate. This isn't only my idea for a game mode but I believe that this is very similar to what the confirmed game mode is. The player count is 4v4 to allow for small tactical squad fights. 



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