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A question to those who really shoot?

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So, I am playing GR/HUb9.  Scoped shots for the most part fill the view with the zoomed image and the scope barrel.  Yes, there is a slight bit outside the barrel which is visible (and I believe zoomed).

I am wondering:

(1)  When you use a scope, do you keep both eyes open?

(2)  If you keep both eyes open, are you still conscious of vision particularly motion with the unscoped eye?  (Yes, I am aware snipers go out in teams with a spotter who provides security for the shooter.)

HUb9 has a full screen mod for scopes.  It does up the FOV, but I don't use it ... it is nothing like keeping two eyes open.  It would only aid in tracking moving targets while zoomed.

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Wow, over a year later.... but since I found it I might as well answer it

For magnified optics such as scopes you normally keep one eye closed. Red dot sights and similar magnified optics can be used this way. Companies such as Aimpoint actually bring this up as a selling point!


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