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Best free video editing software

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Hi All,

I'm after some recommendations of free video editing software. 

I want to upload my gameplay videos to youtube and retain the 1440p resolution.

My last gameplay videos reverted to 1080p. I used the online youtube video editor and recently found out that only provides 1080p max.


What free video editing software would allow me to to do that. 

I don't do anything special with my editing. Basic transitions, intro music overlay and text title screen.


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Easy Movie Maker is a free Microsoft App for Windows 10. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/easy-movie-maker/9nblggh626qk
I haven't tried it but it says it supports 4K. I have used older versions of this for Win7 and XP and was satisfied with it for basic editing, transitions and titling.

If you are using Win7 there is a similar MS app/program but I don't think it supports 4K. 

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