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Hey Everyone I'm kinda new to this place and I'm still learning all the corners of the forums but I just wanted to say I love the simple design of the page. I was curious for a long time on what the most accessible social media was to talk about ghost recon. Twitter and facebook are cool but FB is cluttured with all different kinds of pages,notifications, and so on. Twitter is well... just weird to use lol. Some people would say use reddit, but on my laptop unlike the mobile app there is far too much happening on screen and the layout is pretty ###### in terms of web design. This is by far the best ghost recon social spot in terms of attractive page layout and awesome forum design. :rofl: Have a awesome day everyone!

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Hey thanks for the positive comments BZ!

I am pretty active on twitter @grnet, but I think you know that :)

I actually still have to fix a few things in here to make it a better experience, but I can't pull myself away for the Wildlands right now...

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