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Heya Guys!

Another 3D model from yours truly, this one's already in-game right now, so I'm very excited to show you guys the candy. 

This is the M107, I'm pretty sure you guys are already well acquainted with Tenessee's official state rifle so I'm not going to dive into specific details. 

The model has taken 9 months and several re-dos to get where it is, although this usable one now took in all about 2 weeks to get in and set up, I was also helped by a DM team in the USMC, with references and further information. 

the premier reticles scope you see on the top took a lot less time to make, in fact its the fastest model I've done to date, only taking in all about 3-4 hours, that's highpoly, lowpoly, UV'ing and texturing.

I've started to make some skins and camos for it, including one arid colour scheme with some inspirational words of wisdom on the side. 

so, without further Ado:


render below by [RHS]pufu

a couple of camo renders:

(with some wise words)

I hope you enjoy these, they'll be coming to RHS, and in a standalone addon soon :)

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