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Windows 10 PC and Phone are same builds now

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Via Neowin .net: Windows 10 mobile on build 10586.164  & PC: Windows 10 PC also on 10586.164

Redstone build 14279* *= I think is the test build, is on the rough unstable fast ring but in heavy testing. That will be the first redstone update for the year and expected to release in a few weeks. the next will be fall 2016 and what build that is, is anybody's guess.. too early to even guess.

final note: Redstone is supposed to incorporate many new features one being the browser extension support for Microsoft edge, internet explorer is no longer around. edge has replaced IE and is ONLY available to users of Windows 10.

Also, wanted to mention before I forget, Directx12 in Windows 10 will only be exclusive to Windows 10. the code stack has been heavily refined and improved so that lag in games should be virtually a thing of the past. DX 11 cards like mine in this laptop will still benefit from the DX12 code base and lag doesn't seem to exist much as far as I have seen

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