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Display Driver nvlddmkm?

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Now and again I get this error message and there seems to be a large number of reasons for it.

Any ideas?



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After looking around, and from what I can tell, this issue goes back at least six years and is affecting all OS's since Vista. There's all sort of fixes out there and reasons given, both hardware and software/driver related. One common reason is TDR (Time, Detection and Recovery).

One of the most common stability problems in graphics occurs when a computer "hangs" or appears completely "frozen" while, in reality, it is processing an end-user command or operation. The end-user typically waits a few seconds and then decides to reboot the computer. The frozen appearance of the computer typically occurs because the GPU is busy processing intensive graphical operations, typically during game play. The GPU does not update the display screen, and the computer appears frozen.

In Windows Vista and later, the operating system attempts to detect situations in which computers appear to be completely "frozen". The operating system then attempts to dynamically recover from the frozen situations so that desktops are responsive again. This process of detection and recovery is known as timeout detection and recovery (TDR). In the TDR process, the operating system's GPU scheduler calls the display miniport driver's DxgkDdiResetFromTimeout function to reinitialize the driver and reset the GPU. Therefore, end users are not required to reboot the operating system, which greatly enhances their experience.

The only visible artifact from the hang detection to the recovery is a screen flicker. This screen flicker results when the operating system resets some portions of the graphics stack, which causes a screen redraw. This flicker is eliminated if the display miniport driver complies with Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) 1.2 and later (see Providing seamless state transitions in WDDM 1.2 and later). Some legacy Microsoft DirectX applications (for example, those DirectX applications that conform to DirectX versions earlier than 9.0) might render to a black screen at the end of this recovery. The end user would have to restart these applications.

MS Community

Windows 10 Forums

GeForce Community

I've followed the MS Support official fix for it, and chose the 'fix it myself' approach. It seems to have helped, which suggests that TDR is a cause.

I've followed it through with a full driver uninstall/sweep followed by a driver install less GeForce Experience.


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Funnily enough, my display has being randomly going black, recovering a second later, than a Display Driver Crash error report pops up. I'll look more closely next time and see if it is the same error code.

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