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Papa6- Gameranger server. HX5 and original mods

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I do own DA49 albeit the unpopularity with it in the past however through Ghost Recons Australia facebook site,

LINK their version of DA49 has a reame file whereby the much chastised creator of this mod gives credit, what?, 15 years later??? at any rate. I use it for fun. But if unpopular, I'll just run the HX5 mod and the original mods, DS and IT. (up to you guys). I'm not here to start a big ###### fest just to have fun,

gimme a holler here or via my email jacksonchris1968@aol.com

I won't want to use a large amount of mods like in the range of 10 or more as this tends to take forever to get through weapons kits, but mods with predominately maps, new maps can be added.

I sure miss the good ol days of the original GR! see you guys online? I'm on gameranger under the name "Papa6" with a capital "P". hope to see some of you around!



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at the moment, I have it set to COOP, firefight. if someone needs to PW to the server, PM me and I'll give it to you. As most things go, keep the PW to yourself so as to ensure a cooperative gaming experience.

Timezone: Pacific time zone

Added: the gameranger server is : ONLINE

MODS: HX5, DS/IT heroes unleashed (all found via GR.net)

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