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DirectX 12 Allegedly Allows Mixed Graphic Cards and More

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with reports coming in from kokatu, Tomshardware and other gaming and computer hardware centric sites about this alleged new feature of DX12, it's hard not to share it here:


Essentially, reports are coming in that DirectX12 is to allow for use of AMD and Nvidia cards together, meaning that you should, in theory, get the benefit of both cards in one unit.

it seems a bit far fetched, maybe it is, who knows!

What we're seeing here is that DirectX 12 is capable of aggregating graphics resources, be that compute or memory, in the most efficient way possible. Don't forget, however, that this isn't only beneficial for systems with multiple discrete desktop GPUs. Laptops with dual-graphics solutions, or systems running an APU and a GPU will be able to benefit too. DirectX 12's aggregation will allow GPUs to work together that today would be completely mismatched, possibly making technologies like SLI and CrossFire obsolete in the future.

Also with this new feature comes one that has me more interested... DirectX will also pool the RAM of two graphics cards together to create one larger frame buffer , so if you have 2x2gb graphic cards it's no longer a 2gb frame buffer.

2+2=4 with DirectX 12.

These are currently only speculations based on information from reliable sources... if true, it could be a real game changer.

From what I can make out, this new approach may only be available to fully DirectX12 compatible cards, which are apparently a requirement if you want all of the benefits of DirectX12's new rendering pipelines.

Discuss at will!

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