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Why I hate Ubisoft Blog Post

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Hey guys, feel free to move this if you like.

This is just a little (quite sweary) blog post about why I hate Ubisoft right now, it's on the subject of Ghost Recon.

Hope you enjoy the read, I'll be posting up gaming related blogs and hopefully I'll be providing more info on that project I mentioned soon, it's very minor, but makes a huge difference.

okay, here it is

you may discuss at will :thumbsup:

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Nice writeup, Alex. Actually made me chuckle a couple of times, because I could relate perfectly with many of your complaints and your obvious resulting anger. Alas, all the ranting in the world probably won't change a thing, and - as as you so eloquently put it - will produce nothing more than "ice-cold" lashing out from Ubisoft and their almighty PR machine.

It is indeed an extremely sad state of affairs, but hey - at least we can always go back to playing Red Storm's good old Ghost Recon to feel better (always works for me). And if you need a good laugh to cheer you up, may I point your attention to this little gem of a video, which also addresses today's dumbed-down-to-total-brainlessness shooters, and quite tongue-in-cheekly so.

If DOOM was done today:

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Amen sister, corporate commander strikes again.


Now I played future soldier way before going back and trying advanced warfighter, and while I was disapointed with the sickening lack of freedom and realism, and the continued death march away from what made the original so great there are still a number of things that made the game reasonable enjoyable for me.

As a console shooter with some tactical and stealth elements its a fairly solid game, I would never dream of buying it on pc though (graw has learnt me that lesson hard)

Now I'm a big sucker for very near future crap (not distant 'near') so the technology wasn't such a big deal for me but thank holy hell they ditched some of the stupid crap they wanted to stick in originally. The ghosts look in fs was pretty cool without being over stylized the mixture of current cutting edge equipment mixed in with unfamiliar FUTURE GEAR!! (sorry) looked pretty sweet and it was nice to see how much effort went into the design of the ghost chr models. The Russians on the other hand seemed to be stuck in the mid late 2000's (apart from bodarks) What happned to all that crap they where supposed to have drones, IR gogs etc? Russia does actually have working ugvs and that old live action trailer they released made me squeel when I imagined sneaking through moscow and weighing up the risks of taking out a drone command centre as an optional objective in order to make the HVT take down easier.

Bah so much to say on the subject will have to wait till after my weekly trip for part 2.

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