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Any of there franchise released on ipad?

come on dude, PC Masterrace.

What's up with Ubisoft's voiceacting? Its so BAD!

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Rocky has posted in there today.

Posted 12 November 2012 - 08:50 PM


Uploaded by TeamVVVgames on Nov 5, 2011

as MeanMF already pointed out that is old news from last year, so sorry but you are a bit late to the party :P

and as Hammer kindly linked, there has already been much discussion on this over at our sister website AGR-S.com (where all Rainbow Six Series discussion should be done)


Rainbow Six Series

This will re-direct you to our other website where the R6, RS, SoAF & RvS discussion forums are located.

As posted by Pave Low

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I appreciate the impulse to keep things separated, but most simply put, aggression is a ghost town, sister site or no. In the last 12 months, there have been, at most, 36 posts in 12 threads, 7 of which lack replies and were posted today. Before that, the most recent post was made in February, by a staff member. By comparison, there are 15 pages of active threads at ghostrecon.net, with who knows how many posts. There is a lot of crossover between the communities, but nobody talks about Rainbow 6 over here because it will be automatically banished to a place no one visits, where no one will ever see.

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yeah I visit way too many websites to add back that one especially if it isn't being updated. I am about to stop visiting ghostreconphantoms(dot)net because of lack of information COUGH COUGH lol

WAIT I am wrong the Eurogamer thingy KICKS ass lol. Rocky well done.And well said.

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