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You Can Take The Player Out of Ghost Recon ...

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... but you can't take Ghost Recon out of the player! :rofl:

Great to see this place still up and kicking!! Rocky? ZJJ? (sorry was it ZZJ?) Ledaneck? Hope you guys are all doing well. I have not been playing GR at all but it's clearly still on my mind. I recently got into quadcopters to take footage of us surfing. So I've been giving this "DJI Phantom" model quadcopter a little bit of Ghost Recon theming.

First, some digital urban camo as the base for good measure ...


Having had a hard time finding GR related decals, I decided to just make my own LOL ...


I also got a buddy to 3d print me a custom front with the GR skull behind which I plan to mount an LED for some illumination ...


And if you're curious, here's what footage from one of these things look like (before camera gimbal installation) ...

Anyway, I couldn't keep going with this without stopping by here and sharing the GR madness with the OG crew. Really hope all of you guys are doing well.

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when did they let you out? good behavior? hows the gender reassignment?

What makes you think they let him out?

Welcome back by the way. I don't even think you were active on the forums when I was a regular here, but I read a lot of your old posts.

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Holy hell, look at all those names!

And the CPL's "to do" list is not far off, I have it on good authority!

Prozac, if you see this anytime soon shoot me a PM and let me know how you've been, still with Uncle Sam?


A goofy pic, because I can.

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Hammer, I wish! I looked far and wide for a Vizsla puppy in a shelter and had no luck. The ones I found in rescues were grown and on the wrong side of the country.

Awesome video though!

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I broke my streak...see if you notice the difference

routine to open the following, in this order



blackfootstudios forum











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