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Disabling squad voices in GRAW2 SP?

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Well six years and a dearth of decent tactical shooters and a new PC have put my circa 2007 vitriol regarding GRAW 1/2 into perspective.

I'm surprised how how many things it got right. I guess at the time I only focused on what it got wrong. Playing it now though it's shocking to realise just how very few games there are for the more serious tactical player. Arma is there but I feel it's obsessivness on being a simulation causes it to lose site of the true objective; which is - fun.

So I'm giving the GRAW's a replay. I got GRAW 1 on Steam but had a massive headache getting it to work. I figured out that if I turn off Steam and go to the route and right click the game exe and choose to run as an admin it works every time.

I also have GRAW 2 installed. I found it cheaper new on Amazon than on Steam (although GRAW 2 is more expensive than GR:FS on Steam which tells you alot about GR:FS). I made the mistake of buying two copies of GRAW 2 on Amazon as the first time I ordered it they sent a message saying they were sold out and my order was 'saved' which I thought meant 'cancelled' or 'frozen'. So I ordered it from another seller for around £5 and a few days later both copies arrived. ;) Too much trouble to send one back. I'll just give it to a friend and maybe get some online game together.

Anyway, as I'm going through GRAW 2 I get really annoyed by the constant chatter of the squad mates (especially the patronising back slap every time I get a kill). So I wanted to ask if there is any way I can disable their voices. Can I just remove their sound files from the route so that the instruction to play those samples may still happen but I just won't have to hear them. will that cause the game to crash?

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