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possibly the world's most ridiculous spam messages...ever!

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so, I'm tired after an expedition in wales somewhere, and strangely, I've found myself with nothing to do, so I searched up funny spam emails and this site came up first.

the site has some of the most RIDICULOUS spam emails ever sent, using pseudo-sentence writers, and human written emails, and my god, they are so funny, I laughed at the first one, not sure if that's just because I'm tired and my emotions are running sky high though XD

little snippet :

Most people believe that a satellite falls in love with a loyal tape
recorder, but they need to remember how ostensibly a load bearing
burglar wakes up.

so if you are looking for a quick few minutes of amusement check the site out it's quite funny.

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naah, i'm good, i just found them funny at the time XD it's just the ridiculous wording of the sentences the sentence generators come out with :P

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