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GRAW Retail Black Textures

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Hello, I'm having problems with screen corruption when playing the VIP 2 Is down mission on hard. When I pan around slowly or use the scope in certain places on the map, some of the building & ground textures turn all black. This is next to the building that blows up. Has anyone else had this problem on this mission? Had no problems with previous levels, so I was wondering whether this is a game bug or maybe some driver problem.

When panning around or using scope, this happens.:(


What it should look like. Same spot after panning around.


The weird thing is, if I use the SMAA injection, it goes away, but I lose about 10fps and the game seems less smoother & jerky, so I would prefer not to use it.

I tried reinstalling, but same problem. So what could be the cause? I've played this level before on medium about a year ago and never noticed any problems and the only thing that is different is that I'm using the latest Nvidia drivers. Maybe they've screwed the game up. I can't currently complete the level when it's like this.

I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

My specs:

Windows 7x64


Geforce GTX 560Ti

Mem 8Gb GSKILL 1600mhz

314.07 Nvidia Drivers

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