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Any Users of Windows 8?

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I have access to free Microsoft software through Dreamspark, and this software includes windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP

finding out about dreamspark is like godsend seeing as I needed a new windows install.

so before I make a HUGE mistake and kill Ubuntu for about 20 minutes. has anyone tried windows 8 properly?

I know I talk about Microsoft products negatively a lot, and I've only tried windows 8 briefly in the shop, but I'm willing to give it a shot if it's any good seeing as I'm not wasting any money in the process if i don't like it.

If it's quite bad, I'll Install windows 7. All I know is I'm staying away from XP this time :P

so, Windows 7 or Windows 8?

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hahaha I'll have a snoop later on, thanks Riley :)


Just looked at the thread you mentioned, and it doesn't look like I'll be getting windows 8, I need it for a spot 'o' light gaming and if GR doesn't work, that's a deal breaker.

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that's quite bad, i'll skip Windows 8 sounds like a prettied up vista, i'll back up and install windows 7 I NEED MY GAMES BACK!!!! XD

bit of microsoft hate here, why are there SO MANY office packages please? i think 2 3rds of the software i can get is office packages :P

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When I installed a SSD in my notebook a couple months ago I also installed windows 8(and start8 and a custom theme, etc)(also keeping windows 7 on my desktop).

Ghost Recon seems to run fine as far as I have tested. But I did also just move my old GR install over so IDK about installing from the discs.

And if you have a problem installing from disc then perhaps try steam? *shrug*

I have not tested it a whole lot though.

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Linux mint all the way.... all windows OS's seem to be the same, they just have different looks.

as for GR on linux, it works, via wine and playonlinux, sometimes the sound glitches on an off, but runs smooth in terms of graphics

obviously u need the CD's for installation, its not free

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you don't even need play on linux for it. You just install it through wine and it normally works.

Anyway, back on the windows topic please guys. Linux and ghost recon are great and all but you know.

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GR1 runs fine on windows 8

For those new to it.. here are some cool shortcuts to get you going.

Each of these involve holding the windows key and pressing the letter i specify

X cool pop up with command prompt and many system functions.

I Charms Bar

P presentation mode for projector or 2nd screen

w Windows Search settings highliged

q Windows Search Apps highlighted

f Windows Search files highlighted

e Same as always windows explorer

m Minimize

. Snap Right

L lockscreen

Pause Break - Same as always system properties

R run

T Tabs across application on task bar in desktop mode

U Ease of access

D Minimize everything to desktop when in desktop mode

H Share

And here is even more


Once you get past the start screen shock, it's VERY fast. Press windows key to get start up and type what app you want to open (1st letters)

All of the games i play work.

Every driver i have thrown at it works... Rat mouse, g15, belkin speed pad.

i use the metro apps for quick reference and to see if i have anything new.. and a few games but i mainly use the desktop.

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