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World Domination League

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World Domination League 2012 - Last Stand


The Latinamerican league has been around 2002.

Around 2006 it was decided to change the typical scenario of laddering/tournaments and build a new league system. This was the idea behind WDL. http://www.ghostreco.../liga/index.php

Every clan has defaults territories of their own wide spread in the map. Each territory has a setup of Maps and Gametypes allowed and clans can challenge neighbors for that territory. Every clan battles for supremacy, whoever stands at last conquers the world and wins.

The website allows team creation, roster management, challenge management, clan/players customization and a number of fun stats. The challenge system allows teams to create/accept challenges with day/hour validation and depending on current combat status. A team can't challenge unless previous challenges are finished, a team that is defending a territory cannot attack until defense has been executed and finished.

Also the site has a comprehensible match date system allowing attacking teams to propose 4 dates (2 week, 2 weekend), defending teams picking their preferred day with 24hours restriction, therefore ensuring a match per week basis. That and the inclusion of air tickets per consecutive wins, makes it very dynamic style of matching.


• 4 members min, 10 members max per clan.

• Desert Siege & Thunder Island Expansions.

• SkypeGhost Mod. [Link removed]

• UAC3 Anticheat (mandatory) http://uac.ac


• Liga Conquista Mundial (Enhanced C&C), Hamburguer Hill, Search & Rescue.


• 3 Maps per Territory played best out of 3, each map is played best out of 3.

• Dedicated servers are required, in case of none available defending team has preference.

• Attacking Team chose territory to attack, Defending Team chose gametypes and colors.

• No cheat, no glitch, fair play.


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Teams registration ends thursday 22 PM (-04 GT)

Players registrations ends saturday 22 PM (-04 GT)


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This is to avoid problems of lag and server crashes while playing the match.

We have players from Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico and Chile in the competition and this is the best way to avoid such problems.


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There's 2 Dedicated Servers at the moment.

The GR Chile Nod Server and the SB Argentinian server. If enough northamerican/european players want to play we could try a US Dedi to suit their needs. I always had in mind that the GR Forever would be perfect for this.

In the event of no reliable/good Dedi server, Defending Teams have a chance to host the match themselves. If the backup server does not meet decent lag expectations, Attacking team will try to host. The idea is to try to host a good match, and prevent re-scheduling which is a major factor in this type of league.

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Tonight at 22 hrs (-04 GT) ends the team registrations, and this Sathurday ends players for teams at 22 hrs too.

Hope some team join us in this tournament.


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Hi all,

I invite you to visit the website of the World
Domination League to see the development of this tournament. See
interactive map that shows how different teams are trying to conquer
territory. Also look at the lottery, skill and ranking of players and

Expect to enroll for the next league should start in about 2 months.


cya :boxing:

PD: Next upgrade of the web will include English version

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