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What Giampi sent is the "best" way to do this, IMO. You can use tools like this to vary the fog density and range quite smoothly so that things close in and open up as the mission progresses, it does however take a bit of scripting/math to reliably get the effects you want. The most complex/effective version I was involved in was used in the 2006 Community Coop mission "A Cold Welcome". This started with relatively open fog/sight-lines, and progressively closed them in over time, ending with fog that was quite close and fluctuating slightly as the mission played out. This was somewhat confusing to some players/teams that had grown used to fixed sight distances.

To avoid problems with the lighting/shadows we intentionally chose to do this on a map with "flat" lighting and a "simple" sky-box. There are plenty of maps that will support this, and you can produce a custom sky-box if necessary. If done well the effect can appear quite subtle, but have a very significant impact on how a team must play.

Good luck. As with all things Igor, you may not be able to do exactly what you think you need to do, but there is almost always a way to elicit the effect you need/want.

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