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The Strafing Run Rips into Future Soldier

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Guess I'm a bit late to rejoin the party, but I just had to compliment 101459 for his excellent posts and detailed analysis of tactical realism concepts. I don't want to reopen old wounds here, as we all know how the Future Soldier drama played out, but I would like to return to an observation made by belvucker.

Yea, I have never ever seen UBI mention the original game at all... even removing it from their Ubishop a while back... disappointing really...

He's absolutely right. When you look around the Ubisoft-controlled Ghost Recon universe, their web sites, press release, interviews, etc. there isn't even the slightest trace of the game series' origins to be found. Now, isn't it strange that a publisher that goes out of its way to slap the Ghost Recon name on anything and everything completely fails to draw any attention to the progenitor of that name?

Shouldn't they be proud of that milestone of developer achievement, that multiple Game-of-the-Year awards winner, that founder of the military tactical shooter genre? If they even drag

in front of their cameras in "support" of the latest games, how come they somehow fail to remember milking the last bit of positive image from the original to feed their newest titles?

Well, I've mostly just given up trying to understand the minds of

et al, but I cannot quite quell a growing suspicion that they are in fact very intentionally trying to wipe the real Ghost Recon from people's memories by not only omitting any new mention of it but also actively eradicating any remnants of this legacy, and they probably know full well why it's essential for their current business model to do so.

You see, the original Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon managed to enthrall its fan base for over a decade, which in turn spawned over a thousand mods for GR in the process. It is indeed no overstatement to describe the original masterpiece as the Zelda of tactical shooters, as even today there are still legions of people enjoying the game just as much as they did the first day they played it (myself included, obviously).

Not only is this kind of title longevity no longer aimed for by today's game publishers, it is actively avoided, meaning that most new games are specifically designed to die right after release, because initial sales bring in most of the profits (see Zero-Day DLC) while ongoing support causes additional (avoidable) costs.

The current strategy of some game publishers to throw up one short-lived bug-ridden game mediocrity after another works because they simply pour huge amounts of money into pre-emptive marketing (and review purchasing) to give people the impression that the latest game is going to be the most awesome AAA title ever, long before unsuspecting customers even get a chance to actually play it (when have you last seen a download for a playable game demo?)

Once people wise up to what a dud they have purchased it is usually too late - meanwhile all their eager friends have made the same mistake and hundreds of thousands of copies are sold within the first week - the publisher has made its money and moves on to the next "big thing", existing bugs in current titles and frustrated outraged fans be damned.

The truly staggering part of this story is that this system is only sustainable because people keep buying those horrible games, they keep being fooled by the propaganda machine, by E3 demo reels and PR promises that often have ultimately next to nothing in common with the finished product.

So you might begin to ask yourself "Are people just so unbelievable stupid?", and this sad thought would be quite understandable, but the truth may be even more saddening: Many of today's gamers are not even aware that there was a time when games shipped nearly free of bugs, when game concepts were unique and innovative, when developers worked with passion, when they put their blood, sweat, and tears into their games in search for excellence, in search for achievement.

Publishers that adhere to the throwaway game mentality don't want their customers to find out about quality gaming, and they'll do anything within their power to suppress this knowledge, going so far as to buy out independent game developers that gain too much attention through quality, just to subsequently drive that quality in the ground and make it disappear from public conscience as fast as possible.

So I guess we've come full circle, and now you know why the one true Ghost Recon is no longer spoken of or referred to in any way by its own publisher, why its memory is suppressed like a bad nightmare from a distant past. Because they know all too well what a timeless masterpiece Red Storm Entertainment has created back in 2001, and that any direct comparison with today's titles would leave them in utter shame.

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Wait Ghost Recon War Fighter WASN'T the original Ghost Recon?!? THE HORRORS!!!!

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Laugh it off if you want, but as more and more publishers step deeper into the slippery terrain of catering only to mass appeal and the lowest common denominator, the quality of future games will decrease even further. Many of the big houses are now eyeing the Chinese market with its more than 300 million PC gamers (and 100 million FPS players), and some are willing to go to any length to grab their share of that market, even if that means dumbing down gameplay to ridiculously stupid levels and radically lowering hardware requirements to accommodate the average taste and the many prevailing low-end systems in the People's Republic.

Want a glimpse of what's been the most popular game in China for years (through countless "new versions" more frequent than COD's and BF's annual monthly weekly release cycles, and with more DLC than all other FPS combined)? Here's the latest:

Leaked footage of Ubisoft's new ultra-realistic military tactical shooter

"Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Future Warrior Online Free-2-Play"?

Who knows, if the big publishers have their way, maybe this will be the future of all FPS games some day? Maybe Ubisoft is really working on a "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Monster Fighter Online" Free-2-Play Pay-2-Win as we speak. With their recent track record, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised.

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I think we waste way too much time complaining about ###### instead of playing. I am included in that as well. BUT i am trying to change. I just want to play and have fun with friends. I don't care what it is Minecraft, Skyrim, FSX whatever. I think we dwell so much on what a game isn't we miss the fun we could be having if we just played If you can't have any fun unless your playing (insert game name here) or it isn't a carbon copy of that game it's you not the games problem. Just go play. it's less frustrating and you just may have some fun while your at it. Get a console as well. They are computers that play... games. And believe it or not alot of the games are pretty awesome. I was late to that one but I learned quickly that liking a console is a good thing not a bad thing, unlike i was brainwashed to believe lol. Anyways my 2 cents, now im gonna go play some War Thunder with some friends on my AMD PC specifically designed to play games.. AKA PS4

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