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Help with the lone wolf missions or single player

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Hi my friend;

Every time I try one lone wolf mission single player or KO leave me at first.

And I really would love to complete one of them are very good, that's why I'm asking if you know of any cheat or trainer or modify any game file to make me more immune to bullets of my enemies.

Thank you very much because what I find is for the campaign.

Certainly it is true as I think wof lone mission is like single player mission?

By the way I have the PC version GRAW2

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Rahnman has made a god mode version of his weapon mod but I think it only works for coop missions.

God mode for GR:AW2

Jhon friend thank you very much you helped me a lot, I can finally do the missions in single player coop.

By the way I can use in single player maps etc deatmatch-siege-but of course will not have enemies, right?


Hey tell me is equal to lone wolf mission single player mission?

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Lone Wolf is playing on your own. No teammates. So if you play a coop (LAN) mission on your own, you will have no teammates (e.g. Lone Wolf).


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