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Help get some Night and Aquarium Picture please at Atlanta Georgia

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need help/tips on some coming trip to Atlanta Georgia

gonna try to take dusk/night pictures at the Olympic Centennial Park, like this with my Nikon D3000


and the Shark Whale at the Aquarium



I'm bringing my cheap tripod and cheap remote...it's nothing serious/get paid kinda a pictures...

but could really use some tips

advance thanks

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Well a tripod and a remote are a good start, The out door shots i would start with @ 30th sec at F11 ISO 100 and work it out from that .Depents alot on the light.

For the Aquarium pics I would ramp up the ISO 400/800 maybe at F8 if you can get away with it to try and freez the action

Above all experiment with different settings and take lots of shots

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Looking good M8 , did you use auto or manual focus ? What technique did you use in the end, The colours are really nice.

Been out with my 100mm Macro lens again, not had much chance since i got it




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EXIF can be found here ... at the moment, I cannot cut-n-paste with my portable Google Chrome Browser...not sure why

entire sea horse collection here... I deleted over 10 pictures due to motion. I forgot to set camera on 3-pictures/sec...so I was chasing and pressing the shutter altogether... didn't help with the motion/shakiness.

I really need a single lens from 18-300mm that will work with my Nikon D3000. I'm hopefully lost with having to switch from lens to lens

will post more.... I have a 1000 + pics

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btw, I'm uploading these pictures since, work has the fastest upload vs home....so I'm just uploading like crazy!

anyhoo, if there are pictures that are too fuzy to be taking up space, let me know, and I'll delete it.

my aging sight could really use some help


Atlanta Florida 248 by raygan_gamer, on Flickr


Atlanta Florida 245 by raygan_gamer, on Flickr

btw, these are one of the Whale Sharks....I believe there were 3 of them. At this point I really regret not getting a wide lens and all-in-one so I don't have to switch... I believe I was using just my prime lens

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