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Dat Boi Treezy

100% Tactical Challenges Guides

For each campaign mission, there will be a set of challenges you need to complete in order to unlock the "Master Tactician" achievement. These challenges can be completed on any difficulty apart from the ones that specify to complete them on Elite or Veteran. Once the challenges are complete, don't worry about dieing or failing an objective straight afterwards or later on in a mission, as the challenges stay completed.

I have a set of videos I would like to share with you all, and in which, I do fail, die and sometimes intentionally restart checkpoints or the whole mission to attempt a challenge at a different difficulty setting or with a different weapon. In saying that, the videos are not a mess and don't showcase five or six retrys of the same challenge.

Each mission also requires you to achieve a Ghost Score of 60% (very easy) and complete each mission on Elite. Here's a rundown of the challenges for each mission:



• Field of Fire - Kill 5 or more enemies with a single burst from a LMG (MK48, Stoner 96, LSAT, PKP, Type 95, Ultimax Mk 5, M60, RPK)

Unlock: PKP


• Express Train - During the ambush at the cog rail station, kill all soldiers in 60 seconds

• No Witnesses: Don't leave any witnesses alive in Paez's HQ

• Ace of Diamonds: Execute 10 headshots while in diamond formation

Unlock - UBSG



• Overwatch - Eliminate 10 enemies using a sniper rifle without moving (M1 10, SRR, MSR, PSL-54C, VSS, KSVK, M40A5, MN 91/30.)

Unlock - PSL-54C


• Protector - Complete the mission without causing any civilian casualties

• Secure the Camp - Eliminate all of the soldiers who have taken control of the refugee camp

• Steely Gaze - Kill 10 enemies while in Magnetic view

Unlock - Flash Hider



• Five Shot - Make five consecutive kills on unalerted enemies using a PDR (PDR-C, L22A2, Goblin, AKS-74U, SR-3M, SA58 OSW, Mk 17)

Unlock - SR-3M


• Fast Mover - Go through the village in under 60 seconds without any civilians dying

• Clear the Pitch - Eliminate all the mercs playing soccer without raising the alarm

• No Blood No Foul - Infiltrate the outpost, retrive the data, & extract without raising the alarm

Unlock - Drum Magazine



• Body Count - Kill 8 enemies in under 30 seconds while using an assault rifle (ACR, 417, TAR-21, AK-200, AN-94, A-91, Mk 14, AK47, F2000, S805)

Unlock - AK-200


• Clean Kills - Assault the HQ and take out the hostiles without any misses

• Killer Pursuit - Destroy every enemy vehicle during the chopper gunride

• Bird in the Air - On Elite difficulty, take out the enemy RPG before your chopper gets shot

Unlock - Optional 2



• With a shotgun, take out 3 enemies using exactly 3 cartridges in 3 seconds max (M590A1, M1014, M12, RMB-93, Saiga 12, MTs-255)

Unlock - RMB-93


• Release the Hound - Use the Warhound to kill at least 75% of the enemies during the mission

• Group Shot - Kill 5 or more enemies with a single Warhound mortar round

• Silent Talon - Eliminate both enemy choppers without losing a squadmate

Unlock - Dual Magazines



• Efficient Fire - Use an SMG to take out 10 enemies without stopping to reload (MP7, P90, Vector, Skorpion, PP19, PP2000, MP9)

Unlock - PP19


• Make Them Count - Finish the mission using less than 50 rounds of ammo

• Ghost Escape - Once the objective's complete, extract without being shot down

• On Board Clean - On Elite difficulty, sabotage the equipment in less than 20 minutes after insertion

Unlock - Smoke GL



• Tight Burst - Take down five enemies with an LMG while firing non-stop

Unlock - Type 95


• No Safe Distance - Stealthily kill all Russian riflemen assaulting the house

• Neckbreaker - Kill 40 enemies by snapping their necks

• Death From Above - Kill all the snipers and RPGs during your escape

Unlock - Dragon's Breath



• Kill 8 enemies in under 30 seconds while using an assualt rifle

Unlock -AN-94


• Undetected - Reach the drilling ship entrance without killing any guards

• Roger Dodger - Once the timer has started, make it to the control room in under 2 minutes

• Wrecker - Destroy all enemy vehicles during the gunride

Unlock - Armor Piercing Ammo

Please take note of this:

DIRKDIGLER612 said: on deep fire you have to blow up all the vehicles even the parked ones. i tried a few times just getting the ones with orange triangles around and not focusing on the parked ones and never got it. Then i tried blowing up all the parked ones as well and it worked



• Shotgun Master - With a shotgun, take out 3 enemies using exactly 3 cartridges in 3 seconds max

Unlock - MTs-255


• Ghostly Recon - On Veteran difficulty, reach the observation point without alerting any enemies

• Engraved - Rack up kills on all enemy snipers in the cemetery without being shot

• Innovative Diversity - Your squad must kill enemies with at least 15 different weapons

Unlock - High Power



• Up the Ante - Take down 12 enemies with a SMG without reloading

Unlock - PP2000


• Quigley - Kill two enemies with a single bullet

• Hands On - Reach the canteen without firing a weapon

• Secret Service - On Elite difficulty, find President Volodin inside the prison in under 2 minutes

Unlock - Gripod

Last two videos....



• Master Sniper - Using a sniper rifle, kill 15 consecutive enemies without any misses

Unlock - VSS


• Dodge the Dot - Avoid being taken out by a sniper during the mission

• Clean Sweep - Clear General Bukharov's room in under 20 seconds

• Disruptor - Kill at least 10 Bodark while they are still under the effects of an EMP

Unlock - Raufoss Ammo




• Personal Offense - Make five consecutive kills on unalerted enemies using a PDR

Unlock - SA58 OSW


• Swamp Fox: On Elite difficulty, reach the swamp without being detected

• Countdown - Kill all the High Value Targets in the farm area in 3 seconds or less

• HVT: Intercept the two fleeing HVTs in under 6 minutes

Unlock - Fixed


Edited by Dat Boi Treezy

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Good job on the videos I have watched. You have been busy making them all.

Enjoyed your narration and overall quality. Thanks. :thumbsup:

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Nailed these Tactical Challenges down yesterday mainly without the use of guides. Neckbreaker gave me the most trouble, took me three runs through the mission to get 40 melee kills, got 28 in first run though. Admittedly had to use a video guide for Swamp Fox (but could already reach the farm with the 3 HVT's without being detected) and Secret Service. Although, I neither like nor endorse using guides, nothing personal mate, just that I don't like to copy others, I like to do it my way. :)

Just completed all missions on Elite earlier too. Shattered Mountain was probably the easiest (TAR-21 hip-fire-trickshot-kill on HVT while running 4Dwin), while Invisible Bear was most difficult in Elite. Fortunately, I'm the sort of person who sees the terrain as my best weapon, and on Invisible Bear there are countless chokepoints.... Where countless rushin' (get it?) enemies count for nothing.

Notice on the weapon challenges that there are weapons listed that aren't in game - F2000, TMP9, Mk. 17 and another AR. There is two more rifles seemingly not in game in sniper rifle challenges, M40 and MN91-30 (?), howver, it is my understanding that those two weapons will be unlockable via a code in a some sort of PC exclusive version. Perhaps the Arctic Strike DLC will reinstate these weapons, although I would prefer a DLC to add the MP equipment in to SP - Sentry Gun, underbarrel stun gun (it would be fun), Slug rounds for shotguns, etc.

EDIT: Dude, the first vid is a BF3 vid?

Edited by WytchDokta

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Nice :thumbsup:

But you mit find it gets moved to the correct part of the forum = GR:FS - Xbox 360 Forum

As opposted to Ghost Recon- Console Versions

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Treezy, out of interest, what platform have you recorded these vids from? I've been trying to find a way to record my own game vids from Xbox for a long time - other than using the Auxillary out. Have some good stuff I wanna record from various games like Skyrim's 'Jumpstyle Bandits' glitch in Knifepoint Hollow.

Anyway, I'd like to add to this guide to say that completing the Tactical/Weapon Challenges DOES NOT guarantee a 100% Ghost Score, there is a lot more stuff that factors into it. In fact, yesterday I was going for the 'Good Enough For Government Work Achievement' (obtain 88% or higher Ghost Score on ALL missions), and the only one I hadn't got over 88% on was Gallant Thief - even though I had done all the Challenges prior to this and had sneaked passed all enemies without engaging on every run through. So yesterday, I decided to give it another run through with a different approach - take down as many enemies as possible (using primarily melee kills) along the way - to see if I couldn't raise my score on this one. I don't recommend doing this on your first run as you will not be able to get the Secret Service or Hands On Tactical Challenges, plus you need a rough idea of ALL the enemies' paths and at which points it's best to drop them so their bodies won't be seen by other nearby enemies. And of course, that takes time. But anyway, I managed to get a Ghost Score of 100% by dropping ALL enemies with stealth attacks (primarily melee). Skillage. There's even a few enemies up on catwalks in the outside areas. Also, at the end where you have to hold of a few waves of enemies by yourself, this time I decided not to take cover against the wall and get blasting with the LMG that is right there. Instead I spammed out Sensors all over and went prone opposite Volodin, facing him. Could see the enemies coming from a mile off thanks to Sensor-raping the hillside. They'd just charge straight up the hill and get gunned down by me before they'd reached the brow.

Equipment Used to obtain 100% Ghost Score on Gallant Thief:

Primary Weapon: TAR-21 with Supressor, 2-Stage Trigger, Gripod, AmoUr Piercing Ammo, Backscatter optic and Heartbeat Sensor to track enemies - I use this setup/rifle for tracking enemies. In this case, I only fired the rifle to headshot the enemies up on the catwalks/in watchtowers, although I near enough always had this weapon in my hands - to track enemies (primarily melee kills don't forget)

Secondary Weapon: OTS-33 with Suppressor, Laser sight and extended mag - hardly used it at all TBH.

Sensors: To help with tracking/spotting.

Drone: NOT used to spot enemies - I had already done several runs through the mission and had thus all but memorised the enemies' paths. Drone only used to locate and free Volodin.

Smoke Grenades: Intended to be used if ###### went south. But as it happened, there was no need for me to use them.

The old saying from Oblivion rings true here: "Shadow hide you."

I'm considering knocking up a 100% Ghost Score Guide, if I could record game footage from Xbox. Still gotta figure out how to get a 100% Ghost Score on Nimble Guardian though. 90 something per cent is my best so far, and that was using silenced weapons.

Edited by WytchDokta

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