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Ghost Recon.net mobile apps?

I was just thinking of it before. I've noticed that the site loadup speed on my phone is terribly slow (no offence)As with sites such as facebook, and even google, as soon as

the apps were installed for facebook and google, loadup speed is a lot better.

So, I was thinking if someone can get up the skills or if someone already HAS the skills to create an app for:



Apple IOS (not as bad on loadup via Safari.)

To enhance the speed of the site a little for crappy phones like mine :P it would be fab!

It's just an idea, I think it would be kind of cool, a GR.net on the go app :)

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aaah, i've only ever come across that on my Ipod, i'll remember to use it on my phone now :) thanks rocky :thumbsup:

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