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Excessive Noise in Camera RAW?

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is it normal to get noise in camera RAW on ISO 400 when exposed to high light levels?

Looking at the JPEG it's been smoothed out and the noise has been removed, but it's a worry if the noise isn't meant to be there.

It is happening when the drive mode is Continuous shoot @ 6fps and the particular image i am about to show is at 1/1250th of a second.

it's happened on most others too



P.S i know the pictures blurry, the AF was going nuts

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Pushing the picture to far in RAW can emphasise any grain thats there, and its exagerated even more if the picture is croped into,

have you tried using the colour noise reduction function in RAW ? also check your camera setting and see if it has a built in noise reduction function :thumbsup:

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Thanks hammer i'll check for the NR function in RAW, not sure if it allows it for DNG. nothing wrong with taking a look though, knew i could count on you :thumbsup:

I'll turn the Drive mode back to normal too.

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