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These are my last words on the Future Soldier subject. To avoid any conflict with the admins, I've started my own thread, and if it is too anti-FS, please simply remove it from the forums. I'd like to say this, however.

There is nobody here who doesn't clearly see that this so-called Ghost Recon sequel will be a complete failure because of its lack of mod support, user support, and tactical gameplay support. Ubisoft is trying to mimick a Call of Duty game here, which is very clear to see if you watch any of the gameplay trailers. The close-quarters action on every map, the graphics, just the feel of the whole thing reeks of CoD.

They've forgotten, or ignored, what made Ghost Recon so special. I don't know what it is for others, but for me, this is what's special. Maybe you think I take this game too seriously, but what's special in Ghost Recon is watching a team of opfor laughing while they sit around a campfire, making me almost hesitate when I shoot them because you realize that these guys seem real, as if they have lives, instead of a poorly animated clone-looking Mexican rebel who sits in an alert position waiting for you. What's special is walking through the forest, listening as your gear brushes against the foilage and your feet crunch the twigs and leaves beneath your feet. What's special for me is watching the lightning flash and the thudner crash overhead as the sound of it twists with the sound of gunfire and explosions.

Ghost Recon wasn't just special because you could use tactics, or there weren't futuristic tools; it was special because it felt real. The trees swaying in the breeze, the tracers zipping by overhead, the rivers flowing peacefully by before a huge firefight breaks out. It was the feel of it, the environments, it wasn't a row of Quonset huts with locked doors and a few guard towers with we're-always-gonna-be-here snipers posted in them.

Many of you are saying, everyone will be playing Future Soldier, so I guess I will too. Is that a good philosiphy? When you pay for that pathetic game, you're just telling Ubisoft well done, make another game just like this. You're supporting them when you buy it. And why do you think that you should play because other people are? Maybe they don't want to either, but they're playing just because 'everyone will be'. Why not play the game that we really enjoy, Ghost Recon? I'm not trying to get you to change and not buy it, or ruin the experience for you, but I'm saying what I think.

Nobody will ever make another game like Ghost Recon. Never.

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GRFS isnt GR but it is GRFS so take it for what it is and try to enjoy it.

Or keep playing GR.

Or Arma2 if you want it realistic.

Ubisoft dint say they were producing GR so when you 'pay for that pathetic game' you are in fact paying for something which they have revealed clearly to be GRFS.

Maybe try Arma3 when it is released - it will be even a step closer to OGR with more realism in many, many, many respects.

There are choices for you.

If you love GR so much, play it, love it and work through the 50-100 odd mods that are available for download here.

Or....try something new and enjoy it for what it is.

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Riley, you have been told before about your anti GR:FS campaign, if you don't like it that's fine but I think we have got the message.

There are ways of posting your thoughts about the game but continual negative posts and slagging it off without even playing it is not the right way.

I'm closing this thread for now, Rocky may decide to open it after reviewing your post.

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