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Operation Stonewall

Operation Stonewall v2 is ready for the public.

There are no changes from the last beta version.

Download Link:

Operation Stonewall.

Mission Author: JohnTC02

Map Author: JohnTC02

File Size: 22.9 Mb

Version: 2

Operation Stonewall

Heads up Ghosts, we have a situation here.

Rebel terrorists have taken a dam deep inside Mexico and have placed explosives on the dam wall, they are threatening to detonate the charges if the government doesn't meet their demands.

The Mexican government refuse to communicate with these terrorists so have asked for out help, so HQ has tasked you with this assignment.

Your mission here is to take the dam back at all costs before the terrorists have a chance to destroy the dam which will result in total destruction of many towns and a large city.

The explosives are linked to timers placed in the guard towers above the dam, destroying these timers will also cause the detonators to blow without setting off the explosives.

HQ has received intel suggesting that the terrorists have six USA tanks which they captured at your last mission, you need to locate and destroy them before they turn them against us. Before we can arrange your extraction you need to take out the data systems which is in a sealed bunker, secure the barracks and retrieve any intel.

Good luck Ghosts, failure here is not an option.

Your mission:

1. Defuse Timers.

2. Secure All Data Systems.

3. Destroy Allied Tanks.

4. Check Barracks For Intel.

5. Secure Chemical Supplies.

Map list for Dedicated Servers:




As usual this mission is adaptive, if you are playing alone you will be in Easy mode but if more players join then it will update itself and then be in Hard mode.

If there is more than one player the mission will be in Hard mode but if all but one player leaves, the mission will then be in Easy mode.

Easy Switch:

If there is more than one player then use this switch to play the Easy version (this switch does nothing if you are playing alone).

Hard switch:

If you are playing alone then use this switch to play the Hard version (this switch does nothing if there is more than one player).


The IED's are random so you won't know which vehicle is armed so it will vary each time you play. You can now destroy the IED's with grenades or GL plus the usual C4.

New buildings:

There are three new buildings in the mission, two of them are remakes of the stock buildings plus one is a new design, see the pics in the download entry.

Thanks goes to the beta testers:

pagey, mexicobob, daro48, Spik@, Jody, Kaapo_Erika and Kaapo_Klaus, Anthony, JackDoe, Rahnman Zero Goose JayBOT mexicobob Cherry BLJ & the rest of the team @ TAW.net (The Art of Warfare) and ebk52.


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Timed explosions are always awesome. This one looks good, nice job John. thumbsup.gif

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Congrats on your new release John!

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