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Bad news for console gamers

With all this excitement about the next generation of consoles, news from one source suggests that things may not be so exciting afterall.

According to this news report, the graphics cards being planned are distinctly old hat, and not at all what gamers will be expecting.

To me, it's a case of killing of the PC gaming industry with loss leading Ps3 and X360's, then serving up the gaming community with hardware that is generations behind the PC.

A chance for the PC to rise from the flames, or is it too late?


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Hey Rocky, thanks for sharing the article and interesting observations.

I am not really following the speculation about next-gen consoles - I'll just wait until they announce the final specs whenever they decide to ...

But a few observations:

1. The fact is consoles will never keep up with higher-end gaming PCs in terms of raw pixel pumping power. MS and Sony need to lock down the final GPUs at least a year before the platform releases, so it will always be behind. That happened with the current-gen 360 and PS3

2. I think after getting absolutely trounced by the Wii this-gen, Sony and MS likely have realized that best graphics does not equal best games. After the initial fiasco of the over-ambitious original PS3 and over-heating red ring of death 360's (both which made MS and Sonly lose millions $$), they are likely learning a lesson from Nintendo to come out with a cheaper and cooler-running console that hopefully can still deliver a great gaming experience, while not necessarily top-end graphics

3. I think it is smart for new-gen consoles to use an APU (i.e. combined CPU/GPU chip like AMD's Fusion) to run low-end downloadable casual games, and only have a discrete seperate GPU kick-in for higher end games. This will let the console run cooler and less wear/tear in the long-run.

In fact, the current-gen MacBook Pros are already doing this with an Intel second-generation i-series (Sandy-Bridge) GPU-in-CPU running desktop graphics and a discrete AMD Radeon chip only kicking in during higher-end gaming.

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Yeh, that all makes sense.

I guessI am just diapointed because I was a die hard PC gamer, that kind of reluctantly moved to consoles, then I started to enjoy console gaming, now I get the feeling the next gen consoles are going to leave me wanting to go back to PC to get some decent eye candy.

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