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Xbl avatar questions-anyone help?

Hi,sorry if already posted,locked or whatever,but is there going to be ghost recon future soldier avatar stuff for xbl? Im new here,been here several times before and finally signed up. I know they did have a outfit and drone prop(i missed it-)wish you guys were still giving out codes cause i really,really want one.I tried ebay and no luck.Funny thing is it still appears on xbox.com but cant buy it no more.Im still ###### i missed out on gettig it back a month or so ago.

I hope they bring them back,maybe oufits for 30k,ghost leader,etc.Be cool if the avatar could 'disappear 'with optic camo lol. Im hoping for avatar awards too.I just hope ubisoft keeps the avatar stuff and the dlc coming. I havent heard any news on it,or if the collectors edition has any avatar stuff in it either.

I also hope this game is awesome and does fantastic with sales.Hopefully this will get people off of mw3 and into a real good game.


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