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Ghost Recon Commander Lives!

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It was around a year ago that we got a hint at a social gaming Ghost Recon initiative called Commander.

Now, in the build up to Future Soldiers release, more information about to be unleashed on the mad bad and desperately sad social gaming community on Facebook, Ghost Recon Commander.


The brains behind Ghost Recon Commander is Brenda G Brathwaite (https://twitter.com/#!/br), of LootDrop. Brenda is a gaming and social media icon, apparantly she's been in the gaming industry longer than any other female.

"a fast-paced strategic combat experience"

Lootdrop has some real big hitters working on their games, so the signs are good, Ghost Recon Commander is going to be something special.


The best news? You don't have to wait - get in on the action right now by liking the Ghost Recon Commander Facebook page here.

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