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3rd person mod

hey guys

ok. i wasnt sure exactly were to post this, so admins if this is the wrong area, feel free to move it

basically. ive read alot of posts pointing towards multiple 3rd person adjustements, some editing a camera xml file, and some using a mod from this websites mod collection. now, ive only tried the mod

Now the actual issue im having is the 3rd person mod at first when loading a savedgame. had no head, then after deleting the save and starting again ( i wasnt fair in ) the head appeared, but the movement feels clunky. and when zooming in with some weapons its rough to see the crosshair and some sights dont work.

Also when using mounted weapons, like the AA guns. its really tough to move around and aim

so im wondering which option, or mod, provides the best, smoothest 3rd person experience

i also noticed something about a brettzies 3rd person mod but cant find it anywhere

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Just curious, but why do people like the over the shoulder thing ?

I cant stand it and it really pi**** me off that GRFS is that way also.

1st person is the more realistic style of play.......GR set the scene and GRAW, GRAW 2 followed it...so why the feck did they change a good deal by going 3rd person in GRFS?

Seriously, how many of you are going to buy this game after they didnt listen to what was wanted ?

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Because it's bad to play with aimbot/wallhack in 3rd person.

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