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Graw2 Match Statistics Client

Graw2 Stats Client runs on your game server and listens for new game log files to be written. When the server has finished writing the log file, the client uploads it to the statistics web application for processing. The result is updated game stats in real time.


Statistics web application

Client requires dot net 3.5




Graw2 Stats Client

Statistics Web Application

Game Stats ver 2.0

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I'd like to see this working on the gddu.net website? :hi:

Is the web server app displayed as a widget?

can we have some more :support: on how to install it proppley?

Where is the n00bie step by step, hold my hand, walk through? :group:

... struth

Edited by struth__

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The app runs on the server in the window as displayed above. Its very small so as not to impact server performance. Most of the time it sleeps, it wakes when the server writes a game log file. The app is installed using an instalishield routine to assure all files and settings are logged and can be removed if necessary.

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