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Skull vs Reticle Wallpapers

Okay, these are a few of the newer wallpapers i've been working on. They are Simple HD (screen permitting) wallpapers in a variation of resolutions to suit the average everyday screen.

These were a concept I had to get on the canvas basically it seems to me that the fans are divided into two sets, those who prefer the original GR (reticle) and those who prefer the GRAW series (skull) but there are also those minorities who seem to like both (merged)

Here's a preview of the wallpapers in question:

(this one isn't actually a wallpaper, more of a teaser shall we say.)






Skull and Reticle merged together for you undecided or best of both worlds people.


Or just there if you like them.

Full file Download:


Resolutions are;









Apart from the teaser one. I am working on making them for other resolutions as well :)


Excuse the BBthumbs.dat files if you see them, I had to store the images on my Blackberry.

And like I said, they are deliberately simple. I didn't want to overcrowd them with soft light blending, low opacity images.

If you have any suggestions/requests, don't be afraid to ask. They are more than welcomed. :)

mods, feel free to move/merge this thread if need be.

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Nice textures, I'll add these to the downalods later.

I made a new skull desktop last night too.... I'll see if I can tidy it up later tonight...

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sweet thanks Rocky :thumbsup: and can't wait to see your skull desktop! it will be flipping awesome!

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thats some good wallpaper :thumbsup:

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